Sunday, October 12, 2008

Advocacy Rights to Education

Teacher Solidarity for the improvement of education

Tuesday, 26-August-2008, 09:08:58
QUEEN SAMBAN, BE-free funds for education in the city of Bengkulu Rp 23,581,440,000. the amount based on the number of students per school - both public and private - who has been in the SK-I-H by the Mayor of Bengkulu Ahmad Kanedi SH MH.


Meanwhile, a different place, the head of the SDN 11 Bengkulu City SPd Herman Suryadi said the school budget of the period of July to December of Rp. 405172800. The amount of that consisting of salaries and allowances of teachers, 664 students operational funds for 6 months. The existence of free education budget this can increase the welfare of teachers, he explained.

In addition, the current government is also very overwhelmed menganggulangi cost to the school routine is not currently terbayarkan. However, it admitted not disrupt the learning mechanism disekolahnya.

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