Thursday, October 23, 2008

Tracing appeal against the decision Citizen Lawsuit national examination of the victim lodged in 2006

Teacher Solidarity for the improvement of education

DPP FGII browse the appeal against the decision of PT Jakarta district court decision that strengthens Jakpus subsidiary that won the claim in the suit related to citizen victims of National Examination 2006. Information from the Supreme Court can not be obtained because it requires a letter of introduction from the PN Jakpus.
PN Jakpus obtained the information from that file the proposed appeal and counter appeal, which drafted the memory TeKUN(Victim Advocacy Team National Exam) is presented in more detail the new date of 23 September 2008. According to the staff of the clerk of district court found that PN Jakpus, cross-checked against the parties that filed an appeal requires a long time. PN Jakpus adds that not only may submit a file of the case. Documentation asserts that on 23 September there are 12 files appeal of the case submitted to the Supreme Court. DPP FGII regrets the delay in the delivery of the file because it is related to the possibility that many more children become the victims of National Examination wait because the legal provisions.

In various information in the media indicate that the appeal process related to the political problems can be dituntaskan. There are strong indications that the search of justice in the country is still the law than the political rights of citizens.

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