Sunday, October 19, 2008

1966 CEART Recommendation concerning the Status of Teachers_X

Teacher Solidarity for the improvement of education

121 Teachers' salaries should be calculated on an annual basis.
122 text

1. Advancement within the grade through salary increments granted at regular, preferably annual, intervals should be provided.
2. The progression from the minimum to the maximum of the basic salary scale should not extend over a period longer than ten to fifteen years.
3. Teachers should be granted salary increments for service performed during periods of probationary or temporary appointment.

123 text

1. Salary scales for teachers should be reviewed periodically to take into account such factors as a rise in the cost of living, increased productivity leading to higher standards of living in the country or a general upward movement in wage or salary levels.
2. Where a system of salary adjustments automatically following a cost-of-living index has been adopted, the choice of index should be.determined with the participation of the teachers' organizations and any cost-of-living allowance granted should be regarded as an integral part of earnings taken into account for pension purposes.

124 No merit rating system for purposes of salary determination should be introduced or applied without prior consultation with and acceptance by the teachers' organizations concerned. Learn More

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