Sunday, October 19, 2008

1966 CEART Recommendation concerning the Status of Teachers_IX

Teacher Solidarity for the improvement of education

Hours of work
89 The hours teachers are required to work per day and per week should be established in consultation with teachers' organizations.
90 In fixing hours of teaching account should be taken of all factors which are relevant to the teacher's work load, such as:

a. the number of pupils with whom the teacher is required to work per day and per week;
b. the necessity to provide time for adequate planning and preparation of lessons and for evaluation of work;
c. the number of different lessons assigned to be taught each day;
d. the demands upon the time of the teacher imposed by participation in research, in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, in supervisory duties and in counselling of pupils;
e. the desirability of providing time in which teachers may report to and consult with parents regarding pupil progress.

91 Teachers should be provided time necessary for taking part in in-service training programmes.
92 Participation of teachers in extra-curricular activities should not constitute an excessive burden and should not interfere with the fulfilment of the main duties of the teacher.
93 Teachers assigned special educational responsibilities in addition to classroom instruction should have their normal hours of teaching reduced correspondingly. Learn More

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