Sunday, October 19, 2008

1966 CEART Recommendation concerning the Status of Teachers_VIII

Teacher Solidarity for the improvement of education

Relations between teachers and the education service as a whole
75 In order that teachers may discharge their responsibilities, authorities should establish and regularly use recognized means of consultation with teachers' organizations on such matters as educational policy, school organization, and new developments in the education service.
76 Authorities and teachers should recognize the importance of the participation of teachers, through their organizations and in other ways, in steps designed to improve the quality of the education service, in educational research, and in the development and dissemination of new improved methods.
77 Authorities should facilitate the establishment and the work of panels designed, within a school or within a broader framework, to promote the co-operation of teachers of the same subject and should take due account of the opinions and suggestions of such panels.
78 Administrative and other staff who are responsible for aspects of the education service should seek to establish good reldtions with teachers and this approach should be equally reciprocated. Learn More

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